3 Reasons We LOVE Luke Mabbott. – Icebrooks

Earlier this week Icebrooks favourite Luke Mabbott hit over 1.2m followers on Instagram and rightly so. 

If you follow Luke on Instagram you will know he boasts a strong jewellery game and has a unique style which many boys and girls would want. This being the reason why he’s attracted numerous fans ever since he left the Love Island villa:

Icebrooks fans certainty love Luke as do we, here are the 5 reasons why the blonde haired, blue eyed boy captured our hearts…

  1. 1. He’s amazing! - He's extremely down to earth for the position he's now in and his success is fully deserved:LUKE MABBOT LOVE ISLAND DEMI LUKE TROATMAN ICEBROOKS JEWELLERY CHAINS NECKLACE SILVER GOLD

  2. 2. His accent – Being born and raised in Redcar - He carries that northern lad charm and girls and guys alike just can't get enough of his cheeky humour and it leaves a long lasting impression anyone who has the pleasure of meeting him. LUKE MABBOTT LOVE ISLAND ICEBROOKS JEWELLERY SILVER GOLD

  3. 3. His Style – Luke is certainly ahead when it comes to fashion. If you know and love Icebrooks, you will certainty know and love Luke Mabbott’s chains... they're practically famous. A very stylish young man indeed.luke mabbott love island demi 2020 jewellery chains silver good necklace

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