We are an online retailer based in the UK, with supporters from all over the globe who support our mission to offer fair priced, high quality jewellery.


Icebrooks aims to offer luxury jewellery without unnecessary markups. We put design at our core whilst providing durable and affordable materials, this allow our customers to keep upto date with the latest high-end trends. 

Icebrooks statement pieces are produced in 18ct gold-plated brass metal with a layer of 18ct gold in a 2 micron thickness. There’s also a layer of anti-tarnish on top for good measure.

Traditionally, Icebrooks has always used 18ct Gold Vermeil on statement pieces, but since we started developing our highly anticipated fully iced out cubans in our latest SS20 collection, we realised producing them in 18ct Gold Vermeil would be much more expensive for our customers. We are sensitive to the affordability of our jewellery, so we made the decision to gold-plate our statement pieces to keep the price point at an affordable level. They are still incredibly durable - plated with exactly the same process as our Gold Vermeil.

We are fast becoming the go to place for designer jewellery, specialising in developing the latest trends in urban fashions.

If there is ever anything you would like to discuss, please email us on info@icebrooks.com

With love